Property, Contract & Land Use Disputes

Despite best intentions, misunderstandings, mistakes and miscommunications happen. A contract for professional services may not end with the result a party expected, or one party may not be able or willing to comply with their contract obligations. A home purchaser may believe the seller failed to disclose a material defect, easement or critical area. A home owner may have concerns with a neighbor’s actions, use and neglect of their property. Land use issues may involve multiple parties and interests, further complicating traditional litigation options.

A vast majority of contract, property and land use disputes can be successfully resolved through mediation, saving the parties significant financial resources, time and personal stress, all associated with litigation.

Sheri is a talented individual who has a demonstrated knowledge of both legal issues and methods of successful mediation. She is an intelligent professional who skillfully blends the rules of law with a practical sense approach in mediation.

As a former contracts/property/land use attorney, small claims court mediator, settlement facilitator and instructor of Environmental Law, Land Use Law and Environmental Dispute Resolution at WWU, over the past 22 years Sheri Russell has successfully mediated over a hundred conflicts involving contracts, business transactions, real estate, property and land use issues. Sheri provides a practical and legally grounded approach, resulting in formal binding resolutions. Sheri specializes in mediating the following cases:

  • Purchase & Sale Agreements; Disclosures
  • Easements & Critical Areas
  • Multi-party Land Use & Natural Resources
  • Construction & Contractor Disputes
  • Nuisance & Neighbor Disputes
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Bellingham Mediation & Consulting maintains the utmost confidentiality with regard to all its cases and clients.