Individual Conflict Coaching

Often individuals would like a neutral professional help them identify, define, discuss and work through the specific issues and conflicts.  Individual conflict coaching helps individuals confidentially and informally develop their own skills to raise, address or respond to issues at home or work.  Sheri Russell helps individuals:

  • Identify and define what issues are involved
  • Identify their own personal underlying interests
  • Articulate those issues and interests
  • Consider the causes of the issues and conflicts
  • Consider the personal underlying interests of others involved
  • Brainstorm all possible options to resolve the issues and conflicts
  • Discuss the pros and cons of each potential option
  • Identify next steps for the individual to take on their own
I just needed someone to help me talk through everything I was experiencing and figure out some possible ways to deal with the conflicts. Sheri helped me organize my thoughts, think about the causes of the problems, and how I might address them. I followed her suggestions and ended up having a great conversation with my co-worker and a separate productive conversation with my supervisor.

Bellingham Mediation & Consulting has provided individual conflict coaching to individuals experiencing the following situations:

  • Communication challenges with a spouse or significant other
  • Communication challenges with middle schoolers, teens and adult children
  • Individuals considering separation, divorce or major life changes
  • Individuals struggling with issues of forgiveness, anger and bitterness
  • Co-worker and/or supervisor conflicts and communication challenges
  • Workplace issues regarding performance, disability or religious accommodations, medical or personal leave
  • Interpersonal conflicts with a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker

Bellingham Mediation & Consulting maintains the utmost confidentiality with regard to all its cases and clients.