Executive/Supervisor Coaching

Employees are often promoted or hired to a supervisory role based on their expertise in their field, and not necessarily their ability to effectively supervise others and manage work teams. Even after new and seasoned supervisors have taken supervisory skills trainings, many need additional help to effectively address and resolve specific issues, lead productive work teams, and keep complaints at bay. In addition, many supervisors and executives receive complaints based on their personal management style, real or perceived bias, personality or communication style. Research has shown one-on-one coaching and mentoring is the most effective method to address these issues and to improve supervisory and leadership skills and performance.

Having an individual coach and confidential sounding board helps strengthen supervisory and leadership skills through:

  • Clarifying goals and objectives
  • Identifying steps to achieve goals and set benchmarks
  • Improving effective and appropriate communication skills
  • Gaining self-awareness of how they come across to others
  • Improving emotional intelligence
  • Uncovering and addressing implicit biases
  • Analyzing and categorizing issues and complaints
  • Improving issue and complaint resolution skills
  • Obtaining consistency in employee performance management
  • Identifying areas and individuals for delegation
  • Improving written communication skills
  • Improving time management

Sheri Russell works discreetly with executives and supervisors through regular coaching sessions and through emergency telephone conferences as needed to address urgent issues.

Sheri’s one-on-one coaching helped a long-term valued supervisor significantly improve his communication and management style issues and address specific complaints. We have since had Sheri coach a new supervisor to understand performance management and supervising his former peers. She’s a great resource when individual coaching is needed. – HR Manager

Bellingham Mediation & Consulting maintains the utmost confidentiality with regard to all its cases and clients.