Workplace Consulting

Workplaces are fertile grounds for differences of opinion, power imbalances, misunderstandings, and conflict.  It is essential that policies, procedures, job descriptions and performance management tools are legally current, accurate and provide clear expectations for supervisors and employees.  It is equally essential that owners, directors, HR managers and supervisors have the necessary communication, management and conflict resolution skills to proactively monitor and manage their workforce, and promptly and effectively address issues as they arise.

With over 29 years’ professional experience as an employment attorney, equal opportunity, equity and inclusion administrator, complaint investigator and trainer, Sheri Russell assists businesses, organizations, agencies and academic institutions with their human resource management and issue resolution through:

We had a big, complicated problem at our workplace and Sheri came to the rescue! She created a hybrid “facilitated discussion-communication training” to address the many issues, emotions and personalities involved, and give employees communication tools. The 2-hour session with 14 employees, a union representative and an HR administrator ended with the employees asking Sheri to stay and continue. This then resulted in an incredibly helpful and necessary 4½ -hour session that resolved the issues and created mutual agreements going forward. We are grateful! – HR Director for a public agency

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